About Heather and Kerri


Heather Maloney

A little bit crazy and a bunch of fun, Heather Maloney is a freelance journalist.  Her published columns include being the National Doctor Who Examiner, National Geek News Examiner, Denver Sci Fi Examiner, Denver Movies Examiner, Denver TV Examiner and Denver Music Examiner for Examiner.com.  She also has a blog at www.heathermaloneynews.com and is a Staff Writer for PopWrapped.  In addition to her journalism, she is one third of The Geek Port Podcast crew.  A fan of Doctor Who, Heather attends conventions all over the US and facilitates Panel Discussions.  These conventions include Gallifrey One, StarFest and Denver Comic Con.  To date she has met four Doctors and a multitude of Companions, writers, directors and actors.  Ok, maybe she is “a lot a bit” crazy.

Contact Heather at doctorwhoheather@gmail.com.



Twitter: @DrWhoHeather

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/227809853999577/


Kerri Sharner

Kerri is an avid Walking Dead fan and is a Whovian at heart.  Matt Smith is her favorite Doctor as he was her first Doctor.  Lover of all things Sci Fi and the paranormal, she is currently at war with Michelle over who gets to marry Josh Gates from Destination Truth (even though Heather keeps explaining that people are arrested for this very thing).



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