‘Nothing O’Clock’ is a triumph for ‘Doctor Who’


Courtesy of Puffin Books

There are some authors that seem destined to write Doctor Who.  They understand the magic and intricate storylines that are required to weave a story in The Doctor’s universe.  Neil Gaiman is a visionary that paints a masterpiece with his prose while maintaining the mystery and fairy tale atmosphere required for Matt Smith’s Doctor. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who”, Penguin Books UK and Puffin Books are releasing e books each month in 2013 featuring one of the eleven Doctors and written by a famous children’s or young adult’s fiction author. For November, Puffin will be releasing “Nothing O’Clock” byNeil Gaiman. This instalment is a suspenseful and magical adventure highlighting Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor.  (Continue reading on Examiner.com)

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